Wednesday, 24 February 2016

11 Reasons to Use Foodpanda

Did you sleep hungry or are looking to go without lunch due to a tight deadline that leaves you with no time to grab a quick lunch? Did you order food from your conventional food delivery companies and instead got a different order all-together? Well worry no more as Foodpanda has got the solutions for you in as far as food delivery is concerned. You will only need to get their app installed on your smart phone and get rid of your hunger pangs fast. This is a top and best online shopping website for food delivery. It is in its own world as it is not only a one stop food ordering website but also goes the extra mile of having the food delivered to your doorstep. It also offers convenient online payment options thereby removing the need to have huge amounts of cash on you. Below are some of the reasons why you should use this website to order for your food in Singapore:

1. One Stop App/Website to cater for all food lovers
This application leads to a great one stop website for all food lovers to indulge in their favorite meals their time schedules and distance from their favorite restaurants notwithstanding. The website has all the necessary details of the restaurants they deliver food from and the average total time that the delivery would take. It also contains all the information a customer requires to know about these restaurants. You will only need to go online and browse through the website to find your favorite cuisine from your most preferred restaurant in Singapore that is available on the website.

2. You do not have to wait on the Phone for Long during the rush hours
When you need to order for food from a conventional food delivery company, you have to contend with waiting on the phone for long before getting through. The amount of time that you spend waiting on the phone gets worse when you try to order your food during the rush hours when there is a huge traffic of calls being placed. There are instances where you hold the phone until your desire to partake in a certain meal just dies off. However, with Foodpanda you will never be forced to wait in the phone queue to place an order. You will only need to get online and place your food order from the restaurant you wish to eat from on any particular day.

3. Plenty of Easy Payment Options
While using this application to order for your food you do not have to necessarily have some cash on you. This makes it a convenient method of getting food delivered to you without the need to dash to withdraw some cash from the ATM in order to pay off the person making the delivery. You will also not need to even look for some extra money from a colleague in order to top up the balance. Foodpanda offers a way of paying directly for the orders placed on it using several online payment methods.

4. You get all the Latest Offers from the Participating Restaurants
When you use this website you will be guaranteed of being treated to all the participating restaurant’s latest offers. These offers are constantly updated on the website thus spoiling you to a wide range of food choices and varieties. These offers also help you to save a few coins on your purchases as these offers usually present you with the buy one get one offers which you can be able to split with a colleague or get each member of your family with their meal at half the cost. The website updates all the selected dishes that are on offer daily to enable its customers to take full advantage of them.

5. Updated Menus
Choosing to order your favorite dish from Foodpanda offers you with the option of getting access to the menus of several participating restaurants to enable you make an informed choice. It is common for these restaurants to either change their menus occasionally by either adjusting their prices or adding some more food on the menus or subtracting some food from it. These updated menus ensure that you stay up to date with all the new meals being served as well as their prices.

6. Timely Customer Care
Foodpanda has a customer care that is great as well as prompt to cater for customer needs and queries. You can easily find the customer service team either online or on the phone in order to get a timely solution or answer to any queries or clarifications you need. This awesome customer care team can offer assistance with the website’s user interface as well as in placing food orders on the website.

7. Regular Offers, Coupons and Discounts
Customers are able to enjoy other further discounts through the coupons and offers that Foodpanda usually makes available to its lucky customers. The website usually releases coupon codes through discount websites for customers to avail them and use them to enjoy several discounts on their next orders. These offers, discounts and coupons form another great reason why people in Singapore ought to order their meals via this website.

8. You Can Place an Order even when low on Credit
If you do not have enough credit on your phone due to one reason or another which is common, you do not have to sleep or stay hungry. Foodpanda takes care of this situation using its application. You will only need to download it and install it to be able to place your orders online. This will get you full as well as save your mobile balance at the same time.

9. Getting the Correct Orders
There are so many instances where one gets the wrong food order from what they ordered earlier or their order is delivered to the wrong address when using the conventional food delivery companies. This is due to the customer’s tone or accent which could ruin a perfect food ordering practice. This issue will be a thing of the past when you choose Foodpanda as it helps you get the correct food order. Making orders through the app eliminates the common problems posed by placing call-in orders.

10. A Large Variety and Choice of Food
Given that this website has a huge number of participating restaurants that consequently means that its customers are spoilt for choice due to the huge variety of food on offer. You will be able to enjoy all your favorite dishes at the comfort of your home or office by simply placing an order for them on Foodpanda. Using this website will also open your world to other great new food that you can try out.

11. Peace of Mind
There is nothing great than having a peace of mind and that is exactly what you get when you order your meals using Foodpanda. You should get smart and place your food orders through this great website. They will deliver your favorite food to any location you might be in anywhere in Singapore.