Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Pros & Cons On Hiring Bbq Food With Chef

Going for bbq food is a perfect idea whenever you have parties and have no time to prepare the various meals on your own. Barbeques can be hired for various events both formal and informal and you have the say over which recipe or cuisine to include in the menu. You can hire bbq only without a special chef or choose to hire one with a chef. Each decision has its unique pros and cons. Not all events will require the presence of a chef although others can do quite well if they are included. Whichever option you choose, it is important to find credible licensed professionals who can offer top quality services. Here are some of the crystal benefits and cons of hiring bbq food with chef:

The pros

Barbeques mainly involve roasting different types of beef and meat. The chefs main duty is to prepare and grill the meat as desired by the guests. The advantages of hiring barbeque food with chef include;

• Reduced labor – Imagine having to prepare all the food by yourself and the help of a few friends. It would weigh down on you and leave you exhausted to enjoy the event. Even if you ordered food that is already prepared, barbeques require someone standing on the grill ensuring everything is properly done and people know exactly what they are eating. But this would make it nothing more than an ordered beef meal and not the kind of bbq people expect to have. Hiring chefs relieves you off such duties. Most establishments that offer bbq food with chef usually provide 2 or more chefs depending on the event (number of guests and the unique requirements). With these extra pair of hands, you need not to touch anything as the host.

• Top quality bbq services – Hiring bbq with chef brings in the expert knowledge and experience that these chefs have in preparing barbeques. There is little chance something will go wring under their watch. Without a chef, the other people you place in charge of your bbq may oversight specific elements or make mistakes they do not know how to handle. The experienced chefs have profound knowledge and insights and can make last minute changes as requested. They know how to use both charcoal and gas bbq, with or without lid.

• Save time – Since you have a chef taking care of events at the grill and ensuring every aspect of that end goes on according to plan, you can focus on other elements of your event or function. It saves you the time needed to frequently check out if everyone is satisfied with the bbq experience. What’s more, chefs will prepare the bbq food and ensure it is ready for your guest which means you do not need to show up. If you only hired a bbq without a chef, all the work from preparation to service would be heaped on you which is quite time consuming.

• Convenience – On the same point of saving you more time, you can trust the chef to take care of the bbq (once you give them the orders) while you handle other things. You do not need to be present for them to prepare your food. Once they get their orders, they immediately start working and you can conveniently deal with other things. These are professional bbq chefs who know exactly what to do once they are set up for the task.
Hiring a chef along with the bbq has many other minor benefits that include an enlivened experience. You may even get the chef to display their unique skills for a little extra and give your guest a fine class bbq experience.

The disadvantages

Hiring bbq food with chef is ideally the best approach to modern bbq events. However, not every function or event will necessarily require chef services. In fact, there are various expenses that may not be worth incurring and other events are better off without a chef appearance. Some of the key concerns of hiring bbq food with chef include;

• Significantly expensive – Hiring a chef will definitely cost you more (sometimes quite a lot of) money than if you just ordered bbq food. A typical request that includes a chef generally costs close to double the price of the bbq alone. Chefs are expensive and their services will usually cost you extra bucks.

• Strict time and inflexible - Chefs also work with time which can only be stretched by paying extra money. If they are from a business, their shift may be immediately be followed by another assignment in a different place which means they have to leave. If say you were paying them for 3 hours and for various reasons started an hour late while they showed up on time, the one hour will be yours to make up. If you want to retain them, you will be required to pay around $15 per hour depending on the assets deployed to your bbq.

• Varied requirements – There are special conditions that you must meet to hire bbq food with chef. The food must be above a given amount and some businesses require the order to be at least $500 before they give you a chef.

There are other small cons of using chefs in your bbq considering they may not be part of your inner cycle in case of private functions. They may poke their ear on various conversations and witness any embarrassing and insulting occurrences that happen.


Bbq food with chef has several benefits and conveniences especially if you are hosting a peer event or official function that requires everyone to be stunning and free of all attachments. It offers helping hands to prepare and heat up pre-cooked foods like chicken wings on order. However, not all occasions will need a chef. If you are having a family bbq like a reunion, then it is probably best to avoid chefs who will cost you extra for activities you can easily complete on your own with help from other family members. If you must use a chef, then hire credible licensed businesses that can guarantee professional experienced bbq chefs.