Thursday, 29 September 2016

Tips on Choosing the Right Vegetarian Caterer

A vegetarian caterer is a good option if you are hosting an event which requires a wide array of vegetarian foods. Vegetarian catering is growingly become popular especially since a significant portion of the population practices vegetarianism. The importance of a vegetarian caterer is that he or she can provide a variety of delicious foods that are completely meat-free and that cater for the specific needs that the guests have. Before providing tips you can use when hiring a vegetarian caterer, it is important to first understand how hiring a vegetarian caterer can make your event a success.

First off, hiring a professional to be in charge of food at your event is a good idea as it permits you to focus on other things. You do not have to worry if things are proceeding well. A vegetarian caterer will provide your vegetarian guests with a full range of delicious and healthy foods.

So who do you hire? How do you hire them?

Below are a few tips that will guide you in the process of hiring a professional vegetarian caterer for your event:

The Right Balance
Vegetarian dishes often involve very many spices. The vegetarian caterer you choose should understand what kind of spices he should use and at what quantities. It is important to talk to the caterer in prior to gauge if they understand how to strike the right balance. And so as to ascertain that they are indeed good caterers, it is important to taste the different varieties of meals they will offer.

Some people think that reading vegetarian caterer’s reviews is enough to tell if a caterer is good at their job. Reading the reviews of that caterer is important, but to be solid sure that you are hiring the right service, you will need to taste the foods yourself. Definitely it should be before the event. That will allow you to make an informed decision and prevent you from being embarrassed on the D-day.

Check if the Caterer has a License
It is important to check if the vegetarian caterer you seek to hire has a license. A license shows that he or she has met the local health department standards. It will also mean that he or she carries liability insurance (in some cases). And in case you will be serving alcohol together with the vegetarian meals, make sure that the caterer has a liquor license.

Together with a liquor license, the caterer should also have a liquor liability insurance- only if you will be providing alcohol. The importance of a liquor liability insurance is to cushion yourself from liability in case someone takes advantage of the open bar, drinks themselves silly, and injures himself or his property.

Reputation is important. To establish the reputation of any one vegetarian caterer you will need to contact references, or people the caterer has worked with before. Past clients can tell you how it is to work with that particular caterer. From the testimonies of the past clients, you can then decide if you can give use the vegetarian caterer’s service or not. If you get at least two references, that will be enough to give you a vivid picture of what it is to work with that particular caterer.

The Package
When you hire the vegetarian caterer, what other services will he provide to your event apart from just providing the meals? It is important to find a full-service caterer who will handle everything from food preparation to cleanup to bar service and to table service. However, what is provided is dependent on the caterer or the catering company and the packages they provide. If it is not full-service, then you will be forced to seek for and pay additional staff to complete the other basic tasks in your event.

Along with that, it is also important to inquire beforehand if the caterer will also outfit the event with the necessary items such as plates, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, silverware etc. If the caterer does not have them, and it will be arduous for you to find them, then it is important you seek the services of another caterer.

The uniform of the caterer and his or their staff
It is important to inquire from the caterer what he and his staff will wear during the event, and if their dressing code is flexible. That is because you only want to ensure that the catering staff dress appropriately in line with the tone and style of the event.

Check how the caterer arranges food on the plate or buffet
If you can find photos of how the caterer arranges food, especially from past events, then that will be good as it will give you a glimpse of the kind of presentation to expect when they serve your guests during the event. Remember presentation is important. Even the most delicious food can look unappetizing and unappealing if shoddily arranged on the buffet or plate by the caterer. And since you might have put a lot of effort towards the event, it should also reflect even in the manner the food is presented.

Vegetarian dishes should not cost you a fortune. Therefore, when looking for a vegetarian caterer, ask for quotes from different caterers. Find out what is included in their packages and at what cost. Compare the quotes from different caterers, taking note of the packages. Take the caterer with a fair pricing- one who offers a fair price considering the package.

It is noteworthy that many caterers would prefer a ��per head price quote. Therefore, it will be important to finalize your guest numbers earlier on and be clear how many plates of vegetarian delicacies you’d like to be there.

The Commitment of the Caterer
It is also important to look into the commitment of the vegetarian caterer you are hiring for your event. That is because you do not want to end up with somebody who has many events lined up that he will not give your event the attention it deserves. If you can find an excellent caterer with fewer events or no events lined up during the D-day, then that is better.

While at it, it is important to make sure that they understand they shouldn’t include any non-vegetarian spices.