Monday, 20 February 2017

Why Choose Singapore Catering As Your Catering Service Provider?

Singapore Catering is an established household catering service provider that is synonymous with good food and service. With years of experience in the food catering industry, Singapore Catering aspires to provide only the best when it comes to healthier and quality to its clients at very reasonable prices. The company has teams of chefs with many years' experience in the food industry and who have also been well trained to deliver the best they can with a wide range of services such as beverages, food catering services, and confectionery.

The team at Singapore Catering understands the fact that catering services are normally required every once in a while on an occasion such as a wedding and therefore, the food needs to be of the best quality to ensure that the entire event is perfect and completely memorable.

Singapore Catering also understands that all occasions are different from each other and tend to have specific requirements. With this in mind, its team of dedicated workers is completely ready to prepare, present and plan food and also set up for the event in question. Customer satisfaction is what Singapore Catering strives for and the company takes great pleasure to delight its clients with a wide assortment of cuisine selections that are sure to satisfy all the cravings of each client.

Their menu focuses on self-service allowing clients to choose their own combinations of food that they feel would appeal to their guests and special requests such as vegetarian food can also be catered upon if required. Singapore Catering works hard in order to make sure that your special occasion happens as per the requirements of the clients while still remaining in budget.

Everyone loves parties and all types of joyous gatherings. One of the main highlights of any party is the food. Everyone in a part always looks forward to a plateful of delicious cuisine that makes the celebration even more memorable and this is normally made possible by the catering service that has been hired to provide finger licking satisfying food. When planning any type of party, whether it's a large gathering of friends and family members like weddings or medium-small events like baby showers, you should always make sure you get the best catering service available. When looking for catering services in Singapore, you are sure to find many types which offer different foods and services.

However, Singapore Catering stands out among the rest as the best. Here are some of the main services offered by Singapore Catering and why you should choose them as your primary catering service provider.

Buffet Catering
Buffet catering is a special type of cuisine and food provision offered by very few catering services. It is normally presented live and hot to any guests in an event. Buffet catering offers a wide variety of drinks and cuisines which guests can choose from. This type of catering allows guests in a party to have complete control over the type and amount of food they can choose to eat. Buffet catering offers high quality and quantity ensuring that any party stands out from others.

Wedding Catering
Weddings are typically considered as the most special day in the lives of many people from all over the world. Couples normally celebrate their love for each other on wedding days and therefore, everything should be perfect. Singapore Catering ensures that the food in a wedding should follow the theme and atmosphere of the event. Moreover, it provides a buffet full of a variety of foods such as appetizers, desserts, drinks, soups, and other main courses that guests can choose from allowing everyone to have something they can enjoy. Singapore Catering also has event planners working alongside the chefs so that they ensure the food serving activities goes well with no unexpected hitches.

Quality Assurance
Singapore Catering always provides its clients with fresh and healthy foods. The chefs who prepare the food are well-trained professional tasters who sample the prepared food in order to make sure that it is of the highest acceptable quality before taking it to an event. The chefs at Singapore Catering do their absolute best to ensure that the food is presented in the way the client expects it to be. The food is also packaged in such a manner that enables clients to engage in self-service easily once it is delivered to the event providing guests at the event with the freedom to choose what food combination they would prefer. The prices of Singapore Catering are also extremely flexible allowing clients to pay for what they can afford. The food cuisine can also be prepared according to the specifications of a client giving room for special cuisines such as an all carnivore buffet or an all vegetarian one.

Comprehensive Provision of Services
Singapore Catering is capable of handling a wide variety of service requirements such as wedding catering, corporate catering, buffet catering, barbecue catering, and birthday catering, among others. They also have caterings for Halal, baby full moon, and special corporate events. This means that the company has a wide variety of skills in the field of catering. Whether it is a professional event or social one, Singapore Catering will ensure that it provides the best when it comes to catering.

Benefits of Choosing Singapore Catering

- Provides food suitable for all types of occasions.
- Foods are available in various options such as hot and cold dishes.
- Very convenient due to the fact that it mainly uses disposable cutleries.
- All foods are freshly prepared by some of the finest and well-trained chefs.
- Affordable and reasonable pricing allowing clients to choose options that suit their budget.
- Saves clients a lot of the time they would normally be spending on cleaning and preparing for the event.
- Provides delivery services if required.


Singapore Catering offers a diverse cuisine designed to cater for all kinds of tastes and also include foods from all parts of the world. Whether you are keen on Asian, Western, Local, or Fusion Food that tastes just as good as it sounds, Singapore Catering will always match your expectations and ensure that you and your guests remain completely satisfied. Their home and seminar catering services make them one of the most reliable buffet caterers in Singapore. For company events, Singapore Catering can also double up as corporate caterers as well. They have customized their menu selections from everything ranging from Christmas catering to CNY buffet catering giving its clients the option to order anywhere from Singapore with ease.