Friday, 26 May 2017

Finding the Best Catering Company for Your Baby Full Month Party

Your baby's first month of life is a very special event, which requires a proper festivity. In Singapore, it became a tradition for the parents to celebrate this event, and to organize a party. Because it's so popular, it even received its own name and everybody knows this event as the Baby Full Month. As any special party, this one also requires some special arrangements and a diversified menu.

Considering that you're a busy parent, you probably don't have time to take care of all the preparations, so you will need some extra help. Thankfully, there are many catering companies in Singapore, ready to assist you with that, and deliver you a special menu, for your Baby Full Month party. In the following article, we will provide a full guide, on how to find the best food catering company.

1) A Recommendation Can Help
A recommendation from a friend or colleague is better than any kind of advertising. This way, you will have an honest review and you will know for sure, if that catering company is reliable or not. Chances are high that you already have some acquaintances, who already organized their Baby Full Month. Take advantage of that and ask them, what food catering service did they use. If they were satisfied with the services, then you should be as well. More than that, you can even ask for some menu recommendations. If none of your friends organized a Baby Full Month, they maybe organized other type of event, which required a caterer. Catering companies in Singapore are very flexible, and they can adjust the menu for your special event.

2) Online Research
If you're not lucky to find a good recommendation, then you should make some research. Go online and find all the catering companies in Singapore. Don't be intimidated if the results list is too broad. Just stick with the most relevant companies and make a list with them. Narrow your search and keep just the companies which can provide a Baby Full Month menu. They probably have experience with such events and they know more about any additional arrangements that you may need. Since you're on the internet, you can also look for reviews, of the companies that you consider hiring. If you decided upon one or two caterers, you can call them and ask for additional information.

3) A Tasting Session
Because you cannot order a full menu just from a catalog, you will have to taste the food. Many food catering companies in Singapore are providing tasting sessions for their customers. This way, you will have a sample of their products and see if that fits you. There is no particular advice at this step, because there is no accounting for tastes, and everything is subjective. However, if you like their products and you think that your guests will love them as well, you have all the reasons to work with that particular company.

4) Ensure That the Food is Fresh
In Singapore, the legislation is very strict when it comes to the food industry. However, it wouldn't hurt to ask about that, and make sure that all the products are fresh. Now, you shouldn't worry that you will receive altered food, because that's not the case. But many companies use some small tricks, in order to cut their costs. For example, there are some caterers who are using frozen meat or vegetables, instead of fresh ones. This practice isn't forbidden by any law, because it's not harmful at all. However, the products' quality will be affected and the freezing process will diminish the food's taste. They cannot lie to you, so it's for the best to ask them, straight ahead, if they are using fresh ingredients.

5) Establish How Much Food Do You Need
It doesn't matter if a caterer can provide great services and quality products, if they are too expensive. So don't get too excited about their diversified services and ask for a price estimation before. Think about how many guests you want to invite at the Baby Full Month and plan the menu accordingly. It's a shame to order too much food, because you will lose money and eventually, you will have to throw away the left-overs. Most companies are charging per portion, but because we're talking about an open party, you will need many cold buffet food and appetizers. Because it's not very pleasant to run out of food in the middle of the party, you have to make sure that you order enough. Depending on how many guests you're expecting, you can ask the company how much food will you need. They've organized this kind of event before, and they know how much food you'll be needing.

6) Ask About Additional Services
A catering food company does more than just cooking and delivering the food. Many caterers from Singapore can ensure some additional services, for an extra cost. If you want to organize a bigger party, you may need some extra help. That's why, you can ask for a support personnel team. They are fully trained and will provide services like: welcoming the guests, parking their cars, or serving the food. If you're not having more than 50 guests, then you shouldn't ask for any additional services, because it's a waste of money. Instead, you can do the serving yourself or ask your parents to help you out. And after all, a Baby Full Month is not a formal party.

7) Sign the Contract
Now that you've found the perfect caterer, it's time to seal the deal. Don't hire any catering company without signing a contract. It will guarantee that the food is served on time and all the agreed arrangements are provided. When you receive the contract, read it carefully and ask, if you have any unclarities. Make sure that the contract contains the price, delivery date and all the requested services.


Hiring a food catering company for your Baby Full Month party is a great approach. This way, you won't have to worry about any preparations, and you will know that everything is handled by professionals. Contact a catering company today, and get ready for an amazing Baby Full Month party.