Monday, 26 June 2017

How to Order the Right Food for Catering

Events and parties are part of the daily lives of all people. Whether it is a celebration of an achievement or any other kind of event, things like food and drinks are common to every single party. When it comes to availing food at your party, there are many routes you can take. The most common route people take in the modern day is to opt for food catering services. There are many businesses that now offer catering services at affordable rates in Singapore. In order to get the right catering services, you definitely need to have the correct information at your disposal. Here is a quick guide on how to go about ordering the right food for catering.

Know the Type of Event
Depending on the type of event you are having, catering food can come in different options and quantities. Catering services definitely cover numerous kinds of events and each event has its unique needs. A baby shower, for instance, would need different catering compared to a birthday party. Either way, knowing your event type is the first step in getting the right food for catering. Additional services can also be planned for when you are gathering information for your event.

Know the Number of Guests 
Another important piece of information that you need to put into context is the kind of guests you are expecting and their number. You need to also put into context their ages, sex and such other important details. Doing this helps you gauge their preferences and expectations when it comes to food. Parties that are only meant for adults, for instance, can have a different set of drinks suited only to them. A party that is meant for families, on the other hand, involves more planning as you need to cater to a diverse list of guests. Make sure that you know the kind of guests that will attend your event in order to get the right food for catering.

Make Provisions for a Diverse Catering
When it comes to the food itself, you need to ensure that there are numerous food options for the guests. Variety is important because it really helps people get into the right mood for the event. You can include different choices that not only capture the attention of your guests but also keep them engaged throughout the event. A diverse food catering also takes into consideration the special needs of some guests who might not be comfortable with particular food types.

Indicate the Correct Quantities
After knowing the exact number of guests, you need to make sure that you have the correct figure of attendees so that you can plan for a fitting catering. Most of the time, it is not safe to order food that is just enough for the number of guests you are expecting. Any kind of event often faces changes even in the last minute. For that reason, you might find some of the guests failing to attend or even coming with a friend. This is why it is always best to avoid making a conclusive order until later when you are completely sure of what to expect.

Have an Adequate Budget 
Catering services definitely do not come cheap. This is not to mean that they are expensive, however. There are many food catering service providers who offer competitively priced services that might be friendly to you. The most important thing to do as part of your planning is to craft the right budget for the event. You need to crosscheck every item that you will require and verify the total cost with your service provider. Doing this will enable you to make provisions for a substantial budget which is fitting for the service.

Make Early Arrangements
While you should not conclude your orders several days before the actual event, you can definitely make arrangements early enough. You can consult your catering service provider early enough, for instance, and inform them of your plan to get food from them. You can also gather as much information from them as necessary so as to plan for the event. Consulting the service provider early enough is great for convenience and avoiding undesirable last minute rush. Making early arrangements also gives you ample time to plan out every aspect of your event.

Make Provisions for Refreshments 
There is no single event that is complete without refreshments. Any kinds of beverages are an essential part of any party and you just need to know which ones are right for your event. It is important to consult your service provider in order to know what kinds of beverages they offer. Getting food and drinks from the same service provider is great as you do not have to go through the pain of dealing with multiple service providers. Just like it is for food, the drinks available in your event depend on the kind of guests expected.

Refer To Past Experience
Finally, you need to use the necessary authorities around you for reference. If this is not your first time planning an event, you can try and refer to the past experience you had when you held a previous event. Even though you might not have used catering services at a previous party, the logistics of hosting the party would help you a lot when planning for catering services. If it is your first time having a party, you can definitely ask for some tips from a friend or colleague. Sharing information helps you achieve a better catering service at the end.


There are definitely many important steps you can take when consulting food catering services. When availing food catering services, there are no specific rules to follow in order to get the perfect service. This is because dynamics change over time. There are, however, things you can do to ensure a successful plan for food for your event. Whether you are planning a baby shower, birthday party, or any other kind of event, the above tips will be invaluable in helping you make the right decisions.